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Golf is most certainly meant to be fun – and this is a real focus at Norfolk Island Golf Club. Whether you are having a social game, playing in a tournament, or looking for some advise to help your game, club professional Andrew Umlauft and his staff are here to make sure enjoyment is had by all.

Andrew has been a member of the Australian PGA for 22 years and the club professional at Norfolk Island for 15 years. He is also a member of Performance Golf which enables him to both keep up with the latest trends in golf as well as provide quality golf equipment at competitive prices.

Andrew is available for lessons by appointment. He uses the latest V1 software to help analyse golf swings of beginners through to top amateurs. Contact Andrew for any of your golfing needs at the Norfolk Island Golf Pro Shop on + 6723 23603 or email golf@norfolk.net.nf

Andrew Umlauft

AAA PGA Professional


Norfolk Island Golf Club is located within the World Heritage Listed KAVHA (Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historical Area). The clubhouse and Pro Shop are situated within the original Stipendiary Magistrate’s Residence on the Northern Side of the property. The following is based from a KAVHA Archaeological report describes the history of the building:

1897: Pro Shop and Clubhouse

Phase 1. 1845 – 1855

The site was cleared for building from July to September 1845. No detailed records of its construction have come to light to date. It was ready for occupation by the Stipendiary Magistrate in 1847. The building was built as a first class quarters befitting a stipendiary magistrate. It has a wide frontage and its view is not interfered with by the street. The outbuilding, or annex, was given separate rooms for cooking and for baking.

Phase 2. 1856 – 1908

In 1856 the Pitcairn Islanders took possession of the various habitable structures at Kingston. The Stipendiary Magistrate’s Quarters fell by lot to William Quintal, and his thrice married wife, Maria Christian. On the 26th of September 1895, Sarah Harriet Selwyn Quintal, the second youngest daughter of William and Maria Quintal, married Fairfax Moresby Mitchell Quintal. Evidently, they set up house here with the aged William Quintal.

During the infamous Evictions of 1908, contemporary accounts report that Fairfax Quintal’s family had been evicted. The licence records show that Sarah was considered the rightful candidate to hold the licence for the house, being the “daughter of William Quintal, an original Pitcairner”. Sarah, no doubt with the full approval of Fairfax, refused to sign the lease and as a result were evicted. The outcome of this conflict was that the whole structure, along with other buildings along Quality Row, were burned to the ground one night in 1908.

Phase 3. 1908 – 1930

The structure and site during this period was suffered to remain unimproved.

Phase 4. 1931 – 1973

The first lease was made out on 1/1/1931 for a term of ten years at five pounds per annum. The lease was renewed after expiry but from 31/8/1944 to 31/12/1946 the rent was suspended by Administration “for Military Affairs”. After this the Golf Club held an exclusive lease. The main building and the annex remained as ruins until 1973.

Phase 5. 1974 – Present

Plans for rebuilding the Golf Club were made in 1971 and the raising of funds was commenced. The reconstruction of the ruin was largely modelled on the recent reconstructions of No’s 5 and 8 Quality Row. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second along with Prince Philip, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips visited the restored clubhouse in February 1974 and there is a plaque and framed signed guest book commemorating this occasion located in the clubhouse today.

The Golf Pro Shop located in the northern section of the building has recently (2013) undergone renovations which included removing the plaster board and exposing the original stone walls.

Plaque commemorating the Queen’s visit in 1974.